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Consumption-based Hybrid IT from Perfekt and HPE GreenLake​


The ideal balance of infrastructure control and agility

Every organisation is looking for cost-effective Hybrid IT solutions that create the perfect mix of agility and control within their IT infrastructure. These organisations need the ability to quickly scale-up IT capacity for driving business outcomes, while ensuring their business-critical workloads and applications are safely managed on-premises.

Perfekt has partnered with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) to bring the industry leading HPE GreenLake suite to our clients. This range of consumption-based IT solutions is designed to create:

  • faster deployment and rapid scalability
  • greater control through on-premises infrastructure
  • pay-per-use economics through a simple monthly bill
Drive the Hybrid IT outcomes you need with Perfekt and HPE Greenlake

The simplified model of Hybrid IT consumption

Perfekt works closely with our clients to understand their current and projected infrastructure capacity needs. Through active capacity planning and metering, the HPE GreenLake solution is then tailored to create a local buffer of on-premise IT resources that can be activated when needed, as well as additional resources in the cloud.

Our clients have begun using HPE Greenlake to:

  • simplify their infrastructure planning and strategy
  • match their cashflow to actual IT capacity needs
  • instantly create valuable IT outcomes without delay

40% increase in IT productivity

With less complexity in your infrastructure management, your IT team can focus on more valuable strategic tasks.

90% less contractor costs

Modern upgraded infrastructure managed by Perfekt means less ongoing maintenance and contractor costs.

30% less CAPEX

Powerful scalable technology removes the need to make unnecessary investment in overprovisioned capacity.

Partner with Perfekt to unlock the power of Hybrid IT

Perfekt are proud to partner with HPE in bringing this ground-breaking Hybrid IT solution to our clients. Our experienced infrastructure consultants are here to simplify your transition to the consumption-based agility and control provided by HPE GreenLake

Begin your transition to Hybrid IT today

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